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Wally is a supporting character who appeared in the second half of the 33rd episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "Under the Bigtop". He is a boy who dreams of being a circus performer but is constantly ridiculed for being short, which prompts a visit from Brave Heart Lion and Grumpy Bear.

Original series

Care Bears Family TV series

After being made fun of by some other kids for being too short to even get on a horse, Wally contemplates leaving the circus for good. Brave Heart Lion and Grumpy Bear go down to Earth to try and cheer him up, but are followed by Beastly and Shreeky. After attempting unsuccessfully to show Wally how being small doesn't mean he can't do things like walk on stilts, juggle, or jump on a trampoline, the boy packs his bags and prepares to go home until his suitcase is stolen by Beastly. Luring him into the bigtop, he is used as bait to draw in the duo from Care-a-Lot and traps them all in a cage.

However, Wally's small stature means he can easily slip through the cage's bars, and he uses his new-found skills like leaping off a trampoline to avoid capture, throwing juggling pins at Shreeky to distract her and break her magic mirror, and using stilts to run from Beastly. He eventually frees his friends as they send the two troublemakers away with a Care Bear Stare. After the ordeal is over, Wally decides to give the circus another shot, and even gets his own riding show, "The Amazing Wally". Under the Bigtop

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