UR2 and Sargent Rocketbottom

UR-2 is one of Grizzle's sidekicks. He is an intelligent, suave robot who wears a blue robot suit and black bow tie. He is often seen to give Grizzle tips, which annoys Grizzle. He can change his hand into a wrench and does not have regular feet, but just floats around. He has smoke that comes down whenever he moves. Sometimes, he gets confused about his name when Grizzle calls him, and he tells Grizzle that he "is not," which angers Grizzle and makes him have to explain to him that his name is UR-2, such as in A Little Help. He can be a little dumb and apprehensive at times. He often uses big words that the target audience of the show, ages 4-8, would not know the meaning of. Even though he is loyal to Grizzle, it can be proven that he does not really like him that much and is a bit afraid of him.


  • "I am not!" -A Little Help
  • "By my calculations, if you don't increase the power supply, this whole place will float away." -A Little Help
  • "What he meant to say was, 'thank you.'" -A Little Help
  • "Have you noticed that your plots usually don't work?" -All You Need Is...
  • "Get the Care Bears to like you. If they like you, they'll trust you, and if they trust you..." -All You Need Is...
  • "The Peeler Beam worked exactly as anticipated. The Belly Badge should be headed your way now." -Belly Blanked
  • "Oh, I can't wait. And neither can Sargent Rocketbottom." -Belly Blanked

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