Nicey Nice is a supporting character who appeared in the first half of the 37th episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "The Thing That Came to Stay". He is a green furry alien creature who was found by Lieutenant Cheer Bear during an alternate reality space-themed episode that parodies the television series Star Trek.

In other languages:
Spanish: Muy Bonito ("Very Nice")

Original series

Care Bears Family TV series

After nearly depleting their supply of caring crystals, the crew of the SS Friendship plot a course to a nearby planet to re-fuel. While one group goes to find the crystals, Cheer Bear stumbles upon a small alien creature and decides to make him her pet, naming him Nicey Nice. Because she had been scolded earlier for keeping too many animals on the ship, she decided to keep this one a secret. However, when she feeds him in her quarters, his appearance becomes very apparent to the rest of the crew when he grows to giant size. After another lecture about bringing strange lifeforms on board, Cheer Bear promises she'll never bring another animal on the ship again, and the ship turns around to return their unwanted guest back to his home.

The crew is spotted by Shreeky and Mr. Beastly, who plan to ambush them when they return to the planet. After saying goodbye to her friend, Cheer and the rest are confronted by Beastly, who traps them in a pit with his disintegration ray. Planning to use the weapon on them next, he and Shreeky are approached by Nicey Nice, who scares them away. Just as Cheer mentions that they should give him another chance, a female alien arrives and the two creatures fall in love. Knowing that he'll be happier with his own kind, the crew says their goodbyes for real. The Thing That Came to Stay

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