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Mildred "Millie" Jacobs is a supporting character who appears in the 5th episode of DiC's Care Bears series, "Lucky Charm". A clumsy, klutzy girl who believes she's cursed with bad luck, she has earned the nickname "Jinx Jacobs" from her classmates, and suffered from low confidence until the Care Bears arrive.

Original series

Care Bears TV series

The eternally clumsy and seemingly unlucky Millie has trouble even walking to school without suffering some kind of mishaps. After getting sprayed by a car driving over a puddle, she is almost hit by a boy named Jimmy while he was riding his bicycle, causing him to fly off and wreck it. When she arrives late to class as a result, she's sent to principle's office, where she meets some new fuzzy friends along the way. Telling her he has a lucky charm that will turn her life around, Good Luck Bear gives her a box and tells her it will provide her with good fortune as long as she doesn't open it, and she goes outside to test it out.

After successfully helping Jimmy fix his bike, she also succeeds to helping some kids stack blocks and forms the top of a human pyramid without falling over, managing to impress even a bully named Charlie. In the end, she is told by Good Luck that she can look inside the box, and finds that it only contains a picture of herself, symbolizing that the power was within her the entire time. She is seen at the end of the episode walking hand-and-hand with Charlie, who once mocked her. Lucky Charm

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