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This article is about the character from the episode "Dry Spell". For the character from "Braces", see Joey (Braces).

Joey is a supporting character who appears in the 17th episode of DiC's Care Bears series, "Dry Spell". When his town experiences a severe drought, he and his sister Elaine try to find ways to have fun despite the heat, and end up at a dry riverbed that leads to an underground cavern. When the two become lost inside, it's up to the Care Bears to help get them home.

Original series

Care Bears TV series

When an intense drought puts a limit on a town's water usage, it also cuts out all the summer fun for two kids named Joey and Elaine. Even the local river is completely dried up, leaving the two to wander aimlessly until they fall into a sinkhole that leads beneath the ground - and ends up getting the two lost inside a maze-like cave. Share Bear travels to Earth to help the two out, but ends up getting lost herself.

Tenderheart Bear, Champ Bear, and Funshine Bear travel inside the cave to find them while Proud Heart Cat and Swift Heart Rabbit keep watch outside. No sooner are the kids and Share found that the entire cave group falls into an underground river and are pulled long a strong current. Using their Tummy Symbols, the bears send a signal to Proud Heart and Swift Heart on the outside, who use a Care Bear Stare to blast a hole in the side of the riverbed. This not only frees their friends, but fills the riverbed with water, effectively ending the drought.

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