This article is about the character from the original series episode "Braces". For the character from "Dry Spell", see Joey (Dry Spell).

Joey is a supporting character who appeared in the 3rd episode of DiC's Care Bears TV series, "Braces". Feeling self-conscious about his new braces, he begins to worry about what the other kids will think of him. Though his friends Missy and Fred support him, a bully named Tommy is intent on making fun of him.

Original series

Care Bears TV series

After getting a pair of braces, Joey becomes convinced that they make him look terrible and that all his friends will abandon him. In reality, two of his classmates named Missy and Fred don't seem to care at about his new mouth-wear, but Joey remains depressed. The Care Bears arrive to try and cheer him up, but he remains firm that they make him look funny and that his life will only be worse because of them.

When a boy named Tommy begins to give him a hard time about them, including putting taffy in his sandwich during lunch so he can't chew, Joey runs away from school with the Care Bears in hot pursuit. While looking for him, they actually run across Tommy, who fell down a hill into a construction site and got injured. Joey arrives at the scene shortly after, and though he objects to helping him out, the bears go down rescue him, taking him back to school. Feeling sorry for how he acted earlier, Tommy goes back to Joey to apologize, who is still sulking at the construction site, and arrives just in time to save him from a falling pipe. The two make up and decide to become friends, which eases Joey's fears about how people now view him. Braces

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