This article is about the character from the original series episode "The Girl Who Cried Wolf". For the character from the episode "Drab City", see Jill.

Jill Wayland is a supporting character who appeared in DiC's Care Bears TV series in the 22nd episode "The Girl Who Cried Wolf". As a girl who constantly tells fibs to get attention, she ends up getting two of her friends in real danger when she tells them that a treasure is hidden in an old abandoned house, and it's up to her and the Care Bears to save them.

Original series

Care Bears TV series

After being confined to her room for her parents to shut her up and conk her out when she calls the fire department to tell them a cat is stuck in tree as a joke, Jill climbs out her window and tells two of her friends, Hal and Charlie, that there is valuable treasure hidden in an old mansion owned by a man named Mr. Palmer. When her friends actually go inside, however, they become trapped inside the basement with no way to get out. A group of Care Bears, including Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear, and Champ Bear, join up with Brave Heart Lion, Loyal Heart Dog and Bright Heart Raccoon travel to Jill's house to convince her to help rescue them.

Once inside the mansion, Jill and Tenderheart fall into the same trap as Hal and Charlie after passing through a revolving wall and become stuck as well. The rest of the crew eventually find them and use their Care Bear Stare to create a staircase that they use to climb out a laundry chute, with Jill promising that she'll never lie again. The Girl Who Cried Wolf

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