Jeff is a supporting character who appeared in the 15th episode of DiC's Care Bears TV series, "The Magic Shop". When his friend Wendy begins working at a new magic shop run by Professor Coldheart, he and a girl named Linda run off with one of the mad doctor's new inventions, the Unfeeling Ray, to have some fun. The two end up causing most of the town to lose their feelings until they eventually realize the harm they're causing.

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Care Bears TV series

Jeff and Linda visit their friend Wendy at her new after-school job at a magic shop, where they come across one of Professor Coldheart's new inventions, the Un-felling Ray, laying on a counter. Deciding to have some fun, the two run through the town blasting everyone in sight, making them all "un-caring" and mean. When they arrive back at the shop, Coldheart reveals that he's actually glad they took the ray and even tested it for him, and tells a crowd of newly converted mean-spirited people that he we soon make more rays and remove caring from the entire world.

Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, and Love-a-Lot Bear attempt to convince everyone that Coldheart is up to no good, but their lack of feelings leaves them indifferent to their pleas. Using a Care Bear Stare to turn them back to normal, Coldheart orders Jeff to use the ray on the bears themselves, but he just can't bring himself to do it. The professor hastily takes back the device with the intent to use it himself, but is stopped by Wendy who throws a wizard's cap full of fireworks at him as a distraction. The bears fire yet another stare that transforms the magic shop into a flower shop as the villain retreats. The Magic Shop

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