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Gay is a supporting character who appeared in the 6th episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "The Big Star Round-Up". She is a somewhat klutzy girl who is upset because she always seems to mess things up. To help her regain her confidence, Tenderheart Bear takes her to Care-a-Lot to participate in the annual herding of the Starbuddies.

Original series

Care Bears Family TV series

Gay arrives in Care-a-Lot with Tenderheart Bear to get over her constant clumsiness, and learns that she will be taking part in the annual Big Star Round-Up, a "star drive" that transports several Star Buddies to the Great Wishing Star at Big Star Point so they can take their place in the sky. While riding in the chuck wagon with Grumpy Bear, she has trouble taking the reins without causing it to go out of control, but is encouraged to keep at it.

When Mr. Beastly arrives to put an end to their journey, he sets traps along Gloomy Gulch Trail that Gay and the bears must avoid one by one. When No Heart's new demon is successfully summoned back at his castle, he sends it after his fuzzy foes to take care of them once and for all. When things seem at their worst, Gay uses her new-found riding skills to lure the demon into one of Beastly's traps, which buries it under a pile of rocks. With her help, the Star Buddies are able to reach their destination. The Big Star Round-Up


  • "Gay" is probably short for "Gabrielle"
  • Gay is the third character, after Kim and Christy, to be voiced by Cree Summer.
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