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The Cheshire Cat is a supporting character who appeared in the third Care Bears movie, The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland, and is based on the character of the same name from Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He is a magic, color-changing cat with various powers who always talks in rhyme and song and sports a pair of sunglasses. His main purpose is to help the Care Bears bring a girl named Alice to Wonderland Palace.

Original series

Adventure in Wonderland

While exploring the strange world of Wonderland, the Care Bears, along with the White Rabbit and a girl named Alice come across the enigmatic Cheshire Cat, who tells them through song that the best way to proceed would be to split into two groups. While one escorted Alice to Wonderland Palace so she could take the place of the missing princess, the other would look for the Mad Hatter, who could help them locate the missing monarch herself.

Later, when Alice is taking her princess exam to keep The Wizard of Wonderland from ascending to the throne, she is forced to climb a perilous mountain to gather some water from the top. The Cheshire Cat appears to her during her trial and offers some more advice, telling her to use her heart and not give up. With his help, along with Tenderheart Bear and Lotsa Heart Elephant, she passes the exam and is able to keep the Wizard from becoming king long enough for the real princess to come back.

After the movie is over, he performs the song that plays over the closing credits with Grumpy Bear. The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

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