Charles is a supporting character who appeared in the 10th episode of Nalvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "Birthday Bear's Blues". He is a rich boy who felt left out because no one showed up to his birthday party. A similarly dejected Birthday Bear, who also thinks everyone forgot his birthday, arrives to help cheer him up.

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Care Bears Family TV series

After being alerted to a child named Charles who was feeling bad because nobody seemed to know or care about his birthday, Birthday Bear travels to Earth to try and make him feel better. Since he was in a similar situation and also had no one remember his special day, the boisterous bear figures at least one of them should make it through the day in good spirits. After being turned down by his schoolmates when asked if they would like to join them, the downtrodden Charles is surprised when a group of Care Bears and Care Cousins arrive unexpectedly to share in the festivities, though Birthday wonders who told them all to come.

It turns out that No Heart was using Charles' party as a trap to lure the bears to Earth so he could trap them in the boy's hedge maze, which he would corrupt with a batch of regenerating thorny vines that would keep them trapped inside while he picked them off one by one. After several of the bears and cousins become lost in the maze, Charles and Birthday have to think of a way to save them. After unsuccessfully trying to bribe Mr. Beastly, the two go back to the boy's schoolmates and ask for help, which they agree to. When the bears inside the maze manage to fend off No Heart with a Care Bear Stare, Charles and his new friends help them find their way out. Birthday Bear's Blues

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