Buttercup is a supporting character who appeared in the first half of the 41st episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "Grumpy's Little Friend". She is teal blue Brontosaurus with a yellow flower-shaped mark on her neck, and was friends with Grumpy Bear as a cub in alternate prehistoric version of Care-a-Lot called Cave Town.

Original series

Care Bears Family TV series

In a story set in an alternate version of the The Care Bears Family series that took place in prehistoric times, Buttercup was a young dinosaur who was rescued from a mud hole by Grumpy Bear when he was still a cub. The two became close friends, but had to eventually say goodbye to one another when her family migrated away from Cave Town. Since then, Grumpy had kept watch over various Brontosaurus herds hoping he would see her again someday.

Some time later, Buttercup is captured by Shreeky and Mr. Beastly, who outfit her in body armor with the hope of using her to wreck Cave Town, but she proves to be too "nice" to listen to them. Shreeky mixes up a batch of her "Mean Mixture" to give to the delicate dino, which changes her personality and makes her go berserk. After arriving at the bear's home, Buttercup almost succeeds in destroying the town until she sees Grumpy, which snaps her out of her rage. After launching her two captures away, she shakes off her armor and reveals herself to her long-lost friend as they have a tearful reunion. Grumpy's Little Friend


  • The name of her species, Brontosaurus, has been abandoned as the official scientific term and has since been replaced with Apatosaurus. However, Brontosaurus was still the popularly accepted name at the time the series first aired.
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