Bob the Swamp Monster is a supporting character who appeared in the first half of the 7th episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "The Camp Out". He is a large, rotund, brown creature with buck teeth and antennas who lives in a swampy area of the Forest of Feelings, though his presence was only considered a myth until his debut episode. His job, according to him, is to make sure the trees there grow properly, and clean up any trash left behind by campers. Since humans come to Care-A-Lot all of the time to camp in it's woods and the Care Bears are known themselves for throwing their garbage anywhere they go. So this statement makes perfectly sense.

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Care Bears Family TV series

When Brave Heart Lion, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Grumpy Bear, and Baby Hugs and Tugs go camping in the Forest of Feelings, they are constantly the target of practical jokes by Funshine Bear and Playful Heart Monkey. At one point, the two tricksters dress up as a "swamp monster" to scare their friends, and even pretend to be attacked by one later one. However, when Mr. Beastly shows up dressed as a swamp monster himself, their friends don't believe them when they yell for help, and they end up getting chased into a pit along with Hugs and Tugs.

However, it turns out there really is a swamp monster lurking about, who scares away Beastly before helping the others out of the hole. When Grumpy, Brave Heart, and Lotsa Heart arrive looking for the lost cubs, they are shocked to find a real live swamp monster in their midst, but ends up being nothing like they expected. As it turns out, "Bob" is actually quite nice, and even looks after all the trees in that particular part of the forest. He reveals that he never made his presence known until now due to shyness. As gratitude for looking after the wilderness, Brave Heart makes him an honorary member of the Care Bear Family. The Camp Out

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