A Belly Badge is an image that depicts the role or speciality of the character that possesses it. Each of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins (with the exclusion of Oopsy) have a unique one on their abdomen.

Before Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! belly badges were referred to as tummy symbols.

List of badges



1980s - 1990s


  • Share Bear - Two Crossed Lollipops with Hearts opening


  • Shiver Me TimBear - Heart with crossbones
  • WonderHeart Bear - tripled layered colored heart
  • Great Giving bear - Gift with a pop-up heart inside


  • Brave Heart Lion - Heart and crown
  • Swift Heart Rabbit - Heart with wings
  • Bright Heart Raccoon - Heart shaped Light Bulb
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant - Pink triangular hand weight with red heart stamps
  • Gentle Heart Lamb - Pink lace-trimmed heart-shaped pillow
  • Noble Heart Horse - Multicolored heart with a star in the middle
  • Cozy Heart Penguin - Pink or red heart with beanie hat
  • Proud Heart Cat - A pink five-point star with a red heart in the middle
  • Loyal Heart Dog - Red heart-shaped medal
  • Playful Heart Monkey - Red heart-shaped balloon surrounded by a party hat and confetti
  • Treat Heart Pig - Pink ice cream cone sometimes with a red heart on top