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Amber is a supporting character who appeared in the first half of the 12th episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "Order on the Court". She is a girl who is trying to pass her ballet recital and almost gives up entirely until the arrival of Lotsa Heart Elephant. She later repays him by helping him become better at basketball.

Original series

Care Bears Family TV series

After being benched for being the worst player on the team, Lotsa Heart Elephant decides to go to Earth in response to a Caring Meter alert rather than stick around. When he arrives, he finds a Amber practicing in a ballet studio, where she reveals that she doesn't think she's good enough to get a part in her school recital. After giving her some encouragement, the prancing pachyderm helps her work on her moves, and she is able to dance well enough to get picked for the performance.

When Lotsa Heart reveals that he didn't make the Care Bear Cousins basketball team, she decides to repay the favor by teaching him how to shoot hoops. The two return to Care-a-Lot together during the final moments of the big game between the Cousins and the Care Bears, with Lotsa Heart able to substitute for Swift Heart Rabbit when she becomes injured. Using some of the dance move he picked up earlier, the elegant elephant is able to make his way down the court and score the winning basket. Amber sticks around for the award ceremony with the rest of the Care Bear Family after the game. Order on the Court

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