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Alvin is a supporting character who appeared in the 2nd episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "Grumpy's Three Wishes". He is a boy who is constantly picked on for being small, and his helped out by Grumpy Bear after he obtains a rare eight-leaf clover that grants him three wishes.

Original series

Care Bears Family TV series

When traveling t Earth to help out a "grumpy boy", Grumpy Bear stumbles upon an eight-leaf clover that is said to grant him three wishes, one of which he uses to make a bully stop bothering Alvin. Convinced that Grumpy has learned to be tough despite being short, Alvin begins to feel empowered himself, not knowing that the bear's power came from an outside source.

The two travel to Care-a-Lot where Grumpy learns that all the other bears are away on missions, and only he and Alvin are left to watch over the place. No Heart uses this opportunity to launch an attack, but Grumpy uses his second wish to repel him, and accidentally extinguishes his third when he over-confidentially declares that he "wishes he wasn't so super". When Alvin once again praises his friend on being tough despite his size, Grumpy feels guilty and tells him that he was only so brave because of the magic clover.

After learning that his lose what a fluke, No Heart returns in full force, and both Grumpy and Alvin but use their own wits to hold him off until the other Care Bears return. When the villain once again makes a retreat, Grumpy re-earns Alvin's respect. Grumpy's Three Wishes

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